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360° on demand from Qualintra

Qualintra provides companies and coaches with a 360° on demand feedback tool. From the web-based platform, you can now manage the launch and administration of a 360° yourself. Reports are generated automatically and sent to your e-mail address.

Ideal for one-off coaching or skills development assignments, this flexible system combines the power of the platform with the cutting-edge technology of a major player in the market.

A range of questionnaires adapted to different audiences

On its platform, Qualintra offers a range of 360° questionnaire models adapted to different types of population: executives, operational managers, experts, HR.

Qualintra also enables customers to benefit from its experience in leadership skills benchmarking by regularly updating its questionnaires. In particular, we offer a 360° assessment of leadership skills in complex situations, enabling us to evaluate critical skills such as empathy, assertiveness, resilience, the ability to make decisions in the face of uncertainty, etc.

Guaranteed quality and reliability for total peace of mind

Our Swiss origins predestine us to quality, reliability and security. Data is hosted on our secure server. Every year, we carry out several thousand 360° projects for our customers. We're used to working in complex environments all over the world and in many languages.

Working for major companies in the banking sector, we are regularly audited by IT departments and pass all tests with flying colors!

We offer a high level of online support, enabling you to carry out your assignments with complete peace of mind. If you wish, we can also help you analyze your reports remotely.


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